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A second video from the in-car on John Baucom’s #86 Baucom Motorsports/Roadraceparts.com Mustang

Video from John Baucom’s #86 Baucom Motorsports/Roadraceparts.com Mustang during the 2012 Road America Trans Am race.

Mosport Trans Am 2012. Footage from John Baucom’s #86 Baucom Motorsports/Roadraceparts Mustang.


In car video of the 2012 Road Atlanta Trans Am race. View is from John Baucom’s #86 Baucom Motorsports/Roadraceparts.com Mustang.


Some of us can remember when 300 Horsepower was a lot for the street, even some pretty exotic cars were fairly hard pressed to meet that number. But in case you haven’t heard time isn’t the only thing that has moved on.

My first GT1 car.

My first GT1 car.

The car in the picture was my first GT1 car. It had about 550 HP, on its best day, back in the late 80’s. Not bad for a club racer but its 351 engine was almost certainly the best thing about it. The professionals however wouldn’t have considered it.

By the time the second coming of the TransAm series ended they were running 310 cid engines with rev limiters. These engines were, at least for those at the front end of the pack, in excess of 700 horsepower.

But now things have really changed. The 310 has gone the way of the dinosaur, replaced by the 358 cubic inch V8’s. Initially a lot of these were refugees from Nascar. Bought for less than one could build a 310 and producing big horsepower numbers. Initially some people just changed the cam, and maybe something with carburetion and exhaust and went racing. Worked pretty well and now the horsepower numbers were over 800.

But today the bar has been raised again. Some people have realized that an engine built purposely for road racing will out perform a converted stock car engine. This despite the fact that the horsepower numbers are the same.

And what are those numbers today? One racer who reportedly has about 830 HP told me recently ” I can’t pass them (the top cars) on the straight, but they can pass me.” His opinion is that he is 30 horsepower shy of the top cars.

So times have changed my friend, times have changed.


This past weekend provided a variety of action for the sports fan. NCAA tournament, preseason baseball, free agency signings in the NFL, and of course Motorsports. Since motor sport is what we talk about, that’s what we will do.

F1 had its season opener in Melbourne and it was a pretty good race. Button beat his teammate to the first corner and was never headed. But behind him it was wide open. Although the top five were the same characters as last year, the order was jumbled, and a couple got there by attrition. Then you had a pretty exciting race among the mid packers, Maldanado had a solid 6th for Williams until he put it in the barrier with half a lap to go. Kimi’s return went pretty well, salvaged a 7th from a poor starting position and made some great passes.  Michael outqualified his younger team-mate and was lying third when the gearbox decided that less gears would be a better idea.

All in all it looks like a great year ahead, and great entertainment. Six World Champions in the field can’t hurt either.

A last point on F1. The teams want the FIA to start enforcing the Resource Restriction agreement more closely. This is an agreement whereby the teams agreed to limit the amount of money that could be spent by a team during the year. In addition there are limits on testing, as well as a mandatory factory shutdown during the year. Two teams did not sign the letter to the FIA. Red Bull and Torro Rosso, you can make of that what you will.

Nascar was at Bristol, and what can you say. I can’t say much because I didn’t watch it as I had to work. But when I saw the highlights last night I was shocked. Not by the racing but by the crowd.  It appeared to be far from the announced 102,000. Why so small? Gas prices? Hard to believe that’s really the case. Even if you use 50 gallons round trip, and its up .50 a gallon that’s a  $25 increase. So you don’t buy the tee-shirt and cap.   Is it the racing? Or just a general malaise about the sport. I couldn’t say, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

On a more positive note, it appears that every week we are hearing about a new car and driver going to participate in the Trans-Am series this year. Hopefully the folks running it now have the right formula. They certainly have the experience to know what is needed. I think this could be a breakthrough year for the series.

Corvette in South America

Trotnow built Corvette

By now I’m sure most people have seen that the Trans-Am Series has released their 2012 race schedule. Eight races with the possibility of an additional two more.

Most of these tracks are at the traditional Trans-Am venues and are in the Eastern part of the U.S. as well as the annual trek to Mosport.

While I am sure that some people are disappointed that  VIR is not on the schedule, all in all it seems like a good schedule.

According to the press release that accompanied the announcement, reducing travel costs was a major goal. And supposedly this was reduced by about 40%. If so, this can only help the teams that continue to support this series.

So now people can begin to finalize their plans, arrange sponsorship, and of course get the cars ready.

I really think that this will be a turnaround year for the Trans-Am. The new mangement/owners group actually has skin in the game. And they have all been involved in it for years, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

One thing that I would personally like to see is more participation by the club racers who normally race at the tracks the series attends. While I know that the intimidation factor is there. Think of what great water cooler conversations it would generate.

So now we know. I look forward to seeing many of you at the tracks this year.

Another photo of the Capri

As millions of us get ready to take to the highways, remember safety first!

We have been neglecting this blog for way too long. Of course we, like everybody else, can rationalize it by just saying we’re too busy. But its really a case of lack of discipline.
Over the next couple of months we believe you will see some exciting new developments with Roadraceparts.
Already we nave added Twitter and Facebook pages, and the designer has started redesigning the website.
But the change goes far beyond that, to the very structure and direction of the company.
To release details now will be premature, but suffice to say, Roadraceparts will be actively involved in a racing series nest year.
For now thats all we can say.
Russ Edwards