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In car video from John Baucom’s #86 Baucom Motorsports/Roadraceparts.com Mustang.

This is going to be a great weekend. The winter is finally over, F1 is back! And in between sessions there is NCAA basketball.

The season opening Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne Australia is underway. The first two practices have been on a damp track, so its hard to tell who has what. However, the usual suspects are on top so far – McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari. Seems like McLaren is as usual pretty good, Mercedes has improved, and Ferrari may not be as bad as we were led to believe. The midfield looks close, and Williams looks better. The question is how good is Red Bull? They havent shown brilliance so far, but that was the pattern last year, nothing on Friday, but come qualifying look out.

More and more manufacturers are entering hybrids in international road racing. Audi and Toyota have entered prototypes in the 24 hours of LeMans. Honda and Toyota will go head to heat in the GT class. Makes sense as more and more hybrids appear on the street. I’m really interested to see the result of this one.

Nascar will be at Bristol, Tenn. this weekend. The first Nascar race I traveled to see was at Bristol back in 71. Used to look forward to it, but haven’t been in years. But I dont think that is why they haven’t had a sell out in 3 years.

Just a thought: What would you think about Nascar loosening up some of their rules, and do this. Allocate every team enough gasoline that the cars would have to get a certain mileage to finish the race. Say, 20 miles per gallon?  Anything you want to do, but this is the mileage you have to get. Put some real world engineering back into it again.  Dont do away with the templates, or safety stuff just mandate a mileage.

Crazy huh? It may take something like that to turn it around.

Lastly, name one major sport, other than Nascar or another form of  auto racing, that isn’t run by a commissioner appointed by the team owners.

Today I thought that against my better judgement I would revisit a subject that has been already beaten to death. And for that I apologize in advance. But I thought I would try to see how you feel about it.

For the past day or so, I have been involved in a thread on Facebook about “cheating” in motorsports. To give the short version of the story, the individual who started the thread accuses the race sanctioning body of manipulating the races and therefore the results. While I have said that in my view condoning, and even encouraging cheating by the teams is equally wrong in my view. So as you can imagine we have agreed to disagree. Or, at least I have.

Looking at the issue it appears that motorsport in general is divided into two camps. To make a broad generalization it appears that road racing is far less forgiving of outright bending or breaking of the rules. Back when I was club racing in the SCCA, they didn’t fool around with some monetary penalty which depending on the depth of your pockets could be either devastating or a slap on the wrist. Rather the most common penalty would be a suspension of a few races to think about it. On the professional side, the penalties seem to be more likely to be things that either penalize the team or sponsor. A race suspension, monetary fines, or a loss of championship points. But seldom is there not some major punishment for an infraction of the rules. F1, of course is known to be extremely heavy handed with monetary fines.

But it appears that to sum up the mindset is this. It is perfectly fine to take your interpretation of the rules right up to the very edge. An example being the use of the hole for the jack in the floor of the Brawn F1 car to feed air into the diffuser. Maybe in the spirit of the rule thats a little edgy, but it is legal. However its not ok to deliberately break the rules, like an oversize fuel cell. If you do that you better have good lawyers to represent you at the hearing.

On the other hand there appears to be a culture in oval racing that its all a game, kind of like the Roadrunner and the Coyote.  That you can do whatever you can get away with. That its just being creative and that its not really cheating. In fact, some of the most revered figures have been known for their “creativity”.

So I’m curious as to how you feel about it. Please answer the poll question below and lets see how you feel about it.

As many of you the V8 StockCar Series has been around for, I believe 9 years. That makes it one of if not the longest consecutively running road racing series in this country. As I mentioned we will be doing a series of articles on all the respective classes in this series.

But before that I want to give a shout out to their season opener next weekend at Sebring. If you get the chance, get down there and check it out. They put on a good show. I’m upset because I want to see the tube frame Falcon that Tommy Riggins built!

Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series kicks off 2012 at Sebring

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Road Racing Series will kick off its’ ninth season at Historic Sebring International Raceway February 11 & 12 running with the Central Florida Region SCCA. The Sebring event will be the first round of the “Winter Heat”, with round two the following week at Palm Beach. Some thirty plus competitors in our four classes are expected to compete for points, bragging rights, and prizes. The Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 classes features some outstanding drivers and machines such as four time series champion Dave Machavern in his Heritage Motorsports, Tommy Riggins built, silhouette 1963 Ford Falcon, multi time V8 Series winner Charles Wicht in his Rocketsports Corvette, Larry Beebe in a Tony Ave prepped ex Trans Am Mustang, Ray Webb in a Riggins Chassis Corvette, V8 winner Robert Borders in his C6 Corvette, George Prentice in his winged Monte Carlo and more.
The LG Motorsports V8 GT-2 class should be a battle between the Goldin Brothers ex Grand Am Rolex Mazda RX8 driven be Keith Goldin, Ed Braswell’s
ex World Challenge Corvette, and the giant killing Mazda RX7 of Bill McGavic. The Goldin Brothers’ Mazda was constructed by Tommy Riggins and competed for a number of years in Grand Am, including several Rolex 24 appearances. Braswell has a very fast Doug Rippie Built Corvette and he will be tough on his home course. McGavic led the class points battle most of last year, but was unable to make the ARRC championship race costing him a chance at the title. Despite being way underpowered compared to the big bore cars in the class, McGavic cut competitive lap times using the nimble handling and great brakes of his lightweight racer.In the Howe Racing V8 GTA class, 2011 Champ Randy Walker will be on hand in his brand new Howe Racing built Camaro. V8 StockCar rookie of the year Cameron Lawrence will be bring out his Mike Cope Racing prepared Impala. Cameron has been competitive at every track he has raced at during the past year and grabbed a podium finish in the TA2 class at the Trans Am finale at Road Atlanta. Georgia’s Ricky Sanders is entered in his PitBoxes.com Monte Carlo and he will make some noise. Alabama’s Bobby and Roger Reuse will fly their beautiful new ARP bodied Camaro’s and either is fully capable of taking the win. Veteran stock car road racer John Goodson will have the only Ford in the class in his 2010 Ford Fusion. Newcomer Mike Wilson will bring out his ex ASA Delco racer to test the the 12 hour circuit. Hall Robertson returns in his #62 Farner Barley & Associates late model type Monte Carlo. The spoiler in this class this weekend could very well be Tony Ave, the reigning SCCA Trans Am Champion, who will shoe the #167 Boden Masonry Monte Carlo owned by Larry and Debbie Beebe.

In the PitBoxes.com V8 SPO class Paul Breehne will debut his Ford Mustang, actually the same championship winning chassis from last year rebodied and prepared by Mike Breault at PMS Motorsports. Expect a good battle between Breehne and Lee Arnold in his Impala late model for the class honors.

In addition to the Crane Cams V8 Series points event the weekend will also feature the Nordic Camaro Cup. The Camaro Cup is a European Professional series that includes Corvette Racing’s Jan Magnusson and Grand Am driver Nic Jonnson in tube frame Camaro’s similar to our V8 GTA cars.

The Sebring weekend will be a spectator event and non SCCA members will be admitted for a very nominal charge.
The following weekend the series will move to Palm Beach International Raceway with the Historic Sportscar Racing group as will the Camaro Cup Series.

The V8 Series thanks it partners, especially our new title sponsor Crane Cams. Other partners are:

SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer

Corvette in South America

Trotnow built Corvette

By now I’m sure most people have seen that the Trans-Am Series has released their 2012 race schedule. Eight races with the possibility of an additional two more.

Most of these tracks are at the traditional Trans-Am venues and are in the Eastern part of the U.S. as well as the annual trek to Mosport.

While I am sure that some people are disappointed that  VIR is not on the schedule, all in all it seems like a good schedule.

According to the press release that accompanied the announcement, reducing travel costs was a major goal. And supposedly this was reduced by about 40%. If so, this can only help the teams that continue to support this series.

So now people can begin to finalize their plans, arrange sponsorship, and of course get the cars ready.

I really think that this will be a turnaround year for the Trans-Am. The new mangement/owners group actually has skin in the game. And they have all been involved in it for years, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

One thing that I would personally like to see is more participation by the club racers who normally race at the tracks the series attends. While I know that the intimidation factor is there. Think of what great water cooler conversations it would generate.

So now we know. I look forward to seeing many of you at the tracks this year.

Seems like there is no way to escape the fact that there are still only 24 hours in a day. Remember when computers were going to free up so much time we wouldn’t know what to do? How did that work out for you?

Anyway we had to farm out the work on the GT1 chassis we had lying around. Sent it to a friend to put the body on it, and get all the brackets welded on it. Seems like at my age theres just not enough light for me to be able to see.

I know that he wont be done in time to race it this year, but maybe next year we can get back out on the track again. Perhaps even find a young whippersnapper who wants to give real racing a try.

Now to finish the rest of todays tasks.