Generally speaking I stay away from the subject of Nascar. Obviously a blog named isn’t primarily about stock car racing. However today I want to change that policy a little bit.

Today Ganassi Motorsports made the announcement that next year they would be leasing engines from Hendricks Motorsports. So what is interesting about that? After all its just an engine deal right?

No, its way bigger than a simple engine deal. It is a signal that GM has finally decided to follow in the footsteps of  Ford and Toyota with the engine programs. Both of those manufacturers have realized that in an age of “parity” there is nothing to be gained by having multiple programs. Its much more efficient, read less expensive, to pay one shop to build all your engines. GM as is their style has been slow to start down that road. But now started you can bet that its only a matter of time. And as for RCR claiming that they would have several new customers to take Ganassi’s place – its hard to see who they may be given the lack of teams coming in to Sprint Cup racing over the past several years. So it seems to me that it will only be a matter of time before they accept the inevitable and also begin to get their engines from Hendrick’s.

But lets not stop there, imagine this if you will. As we all know the auto companies operate large plants which produce millions of cars every year. They do that for reasons of ease of distribution as well as economies of scale.

So, with the engine operations consolidated, how long before one of the manufacturers has all of the chassis for its various teams built-in one location? You could say that Ford is very close to that now, Toyota slightly less so. Interesting thought isn’t it?

So for all of you that want “old school” racing, you may be on the verge of old school Nascar. A Nascar of Holman-Moody and Petty Enterprises.

The times are changing right in front of our eyes.

Of course this is only my opinion, I could be wrong. (apologies to Dennis Miller)