Much has been made in the Nascar world recently about the fact that the Hendricks Motorsport car driven by Jimmy Johnson failed inspection at Daytona. As a result, Nascar reacted in their typical manner, fines and suspensions for the crew and car chief, as well as a deduction in points for the driver and car owner.

Of course there was the predictable reaction from the Nascar fans. Those who dislike/resent the success of/hate HMS and its efforts were not satisfied. The usual wailing and knashing of teeth followed about Nascar being in lockstep with its most successful team. On the other side of the coin there was the equally predictable response that “cheatin'” was a part of racing, it was basically boys being boys and it was much ado about nothing.

So which camp do you fall in? The “if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying” group? or the one that prefers the enforce the rules to the letter group?

As for myself I have a foot firmly planted in both camps. I understand the desire and maybe need to be successful which will drive people to bend the rules. On the other hand, I favor zero tolerances. If a C Pillar or fender is supposed to have this configuration – no deviation. Measure it before the race, if it fails it fails, passes it passes. There is no need then to do anything postrace. But thats only my opinion.

While at it I have a question for you. We all know that the Nascar Sprint Cup car  is a spec car, right? So why not contract out to some metal stamping company, and there are thousands out there, the job of stamping out the body parts? Everybody gets the same parts, they add their manufacturers nose fascia and rear bumper cover. That way they put an end to all this nonsense. Zero tolerance before the race, if it isnt like you got it you’re out.

That of course assumes they really want to stop it. Which I doubt.