So Nascar finally got the Daytona 500 in this morning. Must admit I didn’t see much of it. Had things to do for the business, deadlines and commitments as Bob Seger would say. But when I did stick my head in the wife told me it had been boring. That evidently changed when Montoya nailed the jet dryer. Now that was something you dont see every day. But how did it end? We went to bed during the red flag period.

Any thoughts on how Danica performed this week at Daytona? Three races, three wrecks, but was she just in the wrong place at the right time.

My question for the day is this: Do Nascar fans equate wrecks with hard racing? And why do they condone wrecking, when in road racing wrecks get you at least a stern talking to, if not a suspension.

In F1 it seems like a couple of the new teams have been having trouble passing the crash tests. HRT finally did pass and now the word is that Marussia, formerly Virgin, failed the last test. With the new rules requiring that all the crash tests be passed before a car could even test this has to put them behind the eight ball.

Lotus, formerly Renault, missed the first Barcelona test, because they had problems scheduled to test. The plan to use the car which had run at Jerez fell thru when it was found that it too had the same problems. Think maybe they are pushing the limits?

Looks like things are coming together for the Trans-Am. New web site, a few new cars and some new faces. Hopefully we will see more in the coming weeks.

QUESTION: Notice how Nascar cars appear to try to keep the air from getting under them. F1 cars try to get it under there so that, properly directed, it increases downforce.  Wonder how you could accomplish that trick with a full bodied car?