If you live in this country and have any interest in motor racing you can’t avoid Nascar. Like it or not they are the 800 pound gorilla in the room. A gorilla with two left feet mind you, but I digress.

Now its no secret that they had been in a downward spiral for several years, what with the major corporations finding other places to spend their advertising dollars and declining attendance in the stands. While there is room for debate it appeared that they had slowed if not actually reversed that decline last year.

This winter they have had a major media blitz to drum up interest in the newest hero(ine) Danica Patrick, as well as a very strong presence on social media. All of this of course is to culminate with the biggest race of the year, the Daytona 500. This is the capstone to whats known as Speedweek at Daytona. It started of with the wreck filled Bud Shootout, went thru two boring “qualifying ” races last Thursday. Then we have the big day yesterday and — it rains. No race, and its postponed until noon today. Not prime time but noon Monday.

My question is, if you care, will this effect them the rest of the season? Will this anti climactic event mean much now? Or with the expected decline in rating will it take the wind out of their sails for a good while.

Do you still find Nascar interesting? Or, is it a sport that is increasingly out of step with the times?

On a separate note there was the withdrawal from the Barcelona test by Team Lotus. There were problems with the chassis they were scheduled to use, and the one used at Jerez was found to have similar problems. Bet they are burning the midnight oil in the composites department at the factory.

HRT has passed the crash tests, finally, and can test the new car now. Prior to this they had been using an updated 2011 car.

Aston Martin has announced that they will contest the World Endurance Championship, with cars in the iconic Gulf colors from days gone by.

We may have found a customer for our car this year. And in the Trans-Am of course John Baucom will be running the Roadraceparts Mustang.