Spindle for Centerlok

Rear Spindle for Centerlok

What an interesting couple of days. As most of you know we have focused most of our efforts on the Trans-Am style cars. They along with F1 are our first love, and we really want the series to succeed.

However in the last couple of days we got a call from the organizer of another series. This series also races full bodied cars on road courses. After some discussion we have agreed to start writing on a monthly basis about the cars in that series, as well as some other information. Hopefully by Monday we will have some more information to share on this.

When we founded Roadraceparts.com a few years ago our first customer was a fellow from California by the name of Russ Thurber. Over the years we have cooperated with Russ in selling several racecars out in California, as well as some other parts.
Recently Russ returned to a business he had operated “back in the day”. He had opened a business call Vintage Racing Tees, which offers a range of racing themed tee shirts with a nostalgic twist. These are all printed in facility there in Ca. and shipped directly to you. Check them out at http://www.vintageracingtees.com. (a little secret- we will soon be selling them on the roadraceparts.com website or directly at selected tracks in the southeast)

So you have my apologies for being a little slack in posting. We will get back on track this weekend.