Above are some pictures of Mike Donahue’s TA 2 car. As you can see this is a nice example of the diversity we can expect to see at the Trans-Am Series races this year. You will see the full tilt Corvettes, Mustangs and Jags of the TA, cars like Mike’s Pontiac, and the new type pony cars of TA2, and then TA3 will almot certainly have an ample supply of Porsches.

As always this brings up the issues of costs. What does it really cost to race in a professional series such as the TA? Depends on who you talk to? For the TA, one owner told me that at a track where he spent the night in his own bed, i.e. no lodging cost, it cost him $5500 and that did not fiqure wear and tear nor did he have any damage to repair. The biggest expense he had was buying tires for the weekend. Another told me that over a year he estimated 12-15k per race. His biggest cost were engines, transmissions and tires. I suspect the real number is at least as high as the later, maybe more for a winning effort. I’m sure some teams are spending far more than that.
In TA2 the numbers are probably half of a TA car. Primarily because the engines are less expensive and more durable.There is one report of a rental for $5k per weekend plus a substantial deposit in case of damage. I assume this does not include tires. The biggest advantage they have in the cost area is that stock car parts are so much less expensive than road racing parts.
I wont venture a guess as to the Porsche’s as I’m not at all in tune with the cost of their equipment.

If anybody has some information as to the real cost of racing these cars I would be glad to hear it. As well as what do you think could be done to control the costs? Or, are you of the opinion that racing is expensive, if you cant afford it dont do it?