Chassis under construction My apologies for the quality of the above photo. But you can see that it is a collage of photos showing the side view of a chassis under construction. No points for what type, but look at the braces between the front of the greenhouse.

Earlier in this blog, I had posted a photo sent me of a car that someone wanted me to help sell. Being several states away, we never went to see the car but did mention it to several people that we knew who dealt in similar things.  As it turned out the gentleman was able to sell it on his own and we  moved on to other things.

This weekend we were contacted by the person who had bought the car and seen the photo which we had posted. It appears that the information we had been given by the seller was not exactly correct. That the car was not in fact what he had indicated but rather a homebuilt attempt at a replica using spares from similar cars.

Now I certainly am not going to accuse that person of anything unseemly. For all I know he had acquired it from someone else in the interim and was merely repeating what was told to him.  In addition the price he was asking was more than reasonable, (read cheap), and about the value of the spares package.

But the moral of the story  is this. Many of these cars and chassis have been around for quite some time.  . Some of them have been owned and/or raced by multiple people over the years. And in a variety of configurations, even different manufacturers bodywork and running gear. So at what point of its history are you going to restore it to?Only some by the larger fabricators even have serial numbers, and the lack of a number may not confirm anything, although it may eliminate some others.

You need to be sure you personally look at the car, and do the research to find out exactly what is being presented to you.

Now btw, the picture at the top? Its not a Roush chassis, but a similar chassis built by a name fabricator which was a Riley type design below the belt, and a late Roush style greenhouse. Food for thought.