We all love the cars we see at the track in various Trans-Am or club races. But by now I bet you have noticed that there are a pretty good amount of cars that don’t finish. Now why do you think that is?

Now of course there are the occasional failures where an engine blows, or a clutch fails. They are just a part of racing. Probably we can lump into that category, the time that the driver spins out, wrecks, or even goes from 4th to 1st gear and throws the driveshaft out of the car.

But far more common is the simple failure caused by being in a hurry, not having a maintenance program to follow. How can a pro racer have the fuel filters get clogged up with broken down foam from the fuel cell. It’s happened on more than a couple of occasions. How about the car having unpredictable handling because the heim joint on the watts link was letting the rear end around. Have you looked at the heims on your car lately.

In short, racing is expensive, and it doesnt cost much to have a maintenance program that makes sure you dont overlook the simple things.

Sure the other way provides more drama, but of a kind that your blood pressure doesn’t need.