One of the great pleasures I have every other month is reading “Motorsports” magazine. As many of you know this is an English magazine, which as the title implies focuses on motorsport, primarily F1 and vintage. Interspersed of course with interviews and to a lesser extent with the other racing series on the continent and throughout the world.

To finally get to the point, I am always intrigued by the articles where some ex mechanic has started a shop from nothing and now its full of these great old cars. Now I’m not naive enough not to realize that the mortality rate of these businesses is extremely high. But still….

Have you ever thought about doing something like that? Assume for a minute that it was viable. What kind of plan would you make? What’s the first thing to do? Find a customer first? Staff? Building?

It just always seemed to me that this would be one of the ideal ways to be involved in motorsports. Of course assuming you wouldn’t starve.

Now lets see… The chassis is due back around Christmas, the shop is just about cleaned out…….