I suppose the question we all ask ourselves, and our buddies is:”What’s going on?” On the surface a pretty innocent question, asked every day.
But for racers in general, and road racers in particular, its asked a lot in the hope that somebody has the answer. What is the current state of motorsport as well as its future. Will it continue as it has been or will it die off, will it change into something we dont recognize? I have yet to find someone who has the answer.
But for my two cents worth, I think its going to go in two diametrically opposed directions.
(1) I think that there will be an increasing tide of “green”. This will probably be led by the manufacturers. And will be more the current ( of the time) production cars.

(2) A continuation of the traditional race cars, as we know them today. These will continue for the foreseeable future as we baby boomers move through this cycle of our lives.

In upcoming blogs we will have some comments on the current generation of cars, their technical specs, and a report on the TA race at VIR.