By now most people with any interest in the TransAm Series have heard about the schedule for the 2011 season.  And, it seems like among other things we’re going to get what we’ve asking for. The news out of PRI, is that at long last the Trans Am races, or at least some of them are going to be on television.
Hopefully this will be a major step toward getting the series the recognition it deserves. We’ve seen the struggle with the car counts the past couple of years.  Certainly a lot of credit goes to those who have put forth a lot of effort into keeping the series going when things didn’t look so good.
Hopefully this move will encourage more people to bring their cars out and participate, even if only in selected races.  And it might even encourage some sponsors to participate as well. Neither one of those would be a bad thing.
All in all this is the best news Ive heard in a while.