Well the Thanksgiving holiday, like the 2010 season is gone, and some would say good riddance, while others were just hitting their stride when it came to a close.
So where do we go from here?
Some fortunate few are building new or modifying older cars. Most are going to run the same car, but it will certainly be better this year. The never ending search for funds be it from our pocket, or maybe a friend or helpful business goes on. Hopefully more people will realize that theirs money to racing than watching cars go in circles on Sunday afternoon.

As far as Roadraceparts.com goes this looks to be an exciting year. We intend to be more diligent with the blog, as well as the Facebook page and Twitter. The web designer has even promised (well almost) that the revamped website will be ready before the Christmas holiday.

We will be incorporating into these formats a series of technical articles aimed specifically at the road racer. This will be from information provided by a professional car builder and crew chief.

The big news will be the launching of a new program involving a presence at the track. The announcement merely awaits final approval by the sanctioning bodies represenatives. So stay tuned.

My first GT1 car