Today I just want to give a shout out to the real racers out there. The guys and girls who will never be seen on television unless, God forbid, they are involved in some calamity.

But these are the real racers, not the professional teams with the slick transporters and the PR types to make sure that the hero of the moment doesnt put his/her foot in her mouth. Rather these guys work on the car in the garage after work every night, spending money that they hope the wife doesnt find out about, tow to the track, race in front of just a few people, drive home, unload and next week do it all over again.

While some say they are a little bit nuts, I will bet the farm that they are having much more fun, despite the sacrifices, than the guys on TV by a wide margin.

This week I’d like to congratulate a friend of mine Mark Wilson who races a GT2 Ford Capri i the SCCA. Mark won, for the first time , his class at the SCCA Regional in NJ last weekend. I’m proud of him for the effort he has put in with that car.

Now for a little shameless self promotion. Mark’s car was my first race car, an ITA Capri V6. I can still remember buying it for $60 from an attorney in Lawrenceville, Va who told me “it stopped running at a stop light, dont know whats wrong with it.” Turned out it had 3 broken connecting rods. But the times we had with that car.

To this day the most fun racing I have ever had. I envy any of you who can have experiences like that ,because more than anyone else you are the real racers.