In this entry I would like to start off with a word about something that we spend a lot of time o, particularly at this time of year. Parts…

I dont know about you but few things give me more enjoyment than picking out parts for the race car. (we can overlook the part about how are we going to pay for them) But dont you find it amazing how fast our cars go inside the shop?  New lap records everyday without even one turn of the wheel.

Which brings me to my point. As the owner of I am constantly asked, do I have any used six piston brake calipers? From the questions you would think they dont even make anything other than that anymore.

BUT, I recently saw a top flight TransAm car wearing a (gasp) pair of FOUR piston front calipers. Seems like the owner liked the idea of having 4 lbs. less unsprung weight per wheel. Food for thought.

And how many of you are still using split aluminum blocks to locate your sway bars?

I have included a couple of more photos from my trip to Derhagg Motorsports shop for your pleasure.

And if you have a technical question about the tube trame and TransAm cars let me know. Id love to be able to help shed some light on these cars.

And of course when online check us out at for all your parts and accessories needs

Brand New Chassis

Cars Being Prepped

Back of those same cars