Welcome to the first blog about Ground Pounders and other tube framed Monsters.

As part of the business of Roadraceparts.com I spent a couple of days last week at the shops of Derhaag Motorports in Shakopee Minnesota.  As many of you know Jim Derhaag  has been competing in the TransAm Series, first as a driver and now for many years as a car owner. I wont even attempt to list the drivers who have been in his cars over the years. Now he is heavily involved in the TransAm  and National level SCCA racing.

In addition to have the opportunity to view all his shop, and a very impressive fleet of state of the art TransAm cars ( photos of them will come later) he shared his thoughts on the upcoming 2010 TransAm season.

The TransAm series is once again part of SCCA Pro Racing. This means that now they will be scheduling races on weekends and locations with other Pro Racing Series such as the World Challenge Series, and Pro Sports Racer as well as others.

The tenative schedule is for at least ten races, which in addition to domestic venues, will at least include Mosport Canada.

There has been some tweaking of the rules, which will be announced shortly. The highlights however seem to be that (a) minor adjustments to the weight rules for the various engine sizes. and (b) the aero rules have gone back to what they were in 2004.

We will continue with our chat with Jim with our next blog.